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Solve this question in short

asked on 8 month ago

Solve this question in short

Solve this question in shortcut

asked on 7 month ago

calculate total interest rate 36400*100/80000=45.5% for one year 45.5/2=22.75 apply double aligation 15 27 x x=25 1 5 again 25 16 22.75 6.75 2.25 3 1 now ratio of a b c 1 :18:5 80000*18/24=60000

asked on 9 month ago

Share of A=1/5*C and share of B=80000-6/5*C Now we are given interest for 2 years so we need to calculate the interest for two years for these A,B,C and in the end we get Share of C=60,000/- then Share of B = 20,000/-

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